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Our Story

In 1849, John Ruskin wrote The Seven Lamps of Architecture which spread Gothic Revivalism across the western world.  In 1904, that same style is used for the First Christian Church in downtown Bentonville.  In 2015: Chef Matt Cooper, son of a Methodist preacher, becomes the executive chef of this restaurant. In 2017, We proudly connect these moments to open The Preacher’s Son.

Our Space

The first Christian Church of Bentonville was structurally restored by architect Chip Chambers and contractor Brian Soulé, who led the construction through completion. FÖDA was selected in 2015 to develop the concept for this restaurant. Using Ruskin’s Seven Lamps as a design manifesto, FÖDA created the concept around the Chef’s personal story, the soaring new art glass by George Dombek, and the unique structural features of the building itself.The sanctuary was fully re-conceived, custom banquettes designed by FÖDA and SAR in Denver, apse re-designed as the bar with champagne gold brick. The finishing touch is a grid of 288, 5” gold bells in the tower to give the church back its ring.

This is truly an exceptional space to connect with your friends, family and co-workers over a delicious meal.

Our Chef

Matthew Cooper, Executive Chef

Matthew’s passion for culinary art stems from its ability to bring people together. His style of cooking is rustic and traditional, keeping true to his roots in the South as well as the Pacific Northwest. His celiac condition has enabled him to passionately and creatively cook gluten-friendly. His dedication to local community is evident in his strong commitment to using local and sustainable ingredients, encouraging community building and local cooperation.

Our Team